Oct 26, 2012

handy feet

At first I didnt like this assignment, but I found it almost fun towards the end. We had to draw our hands and feet realistically, and then we had to do "shorthand" drawings of them. Drawing feet was literally a pain, but it was more fun than drawing hands.

Here's my title page, it looks a lot better digitally(I hope I dont lose marks for the bad quality of the printed one, but I forgot that I had to use the print settings :O)

I tried to do some action in all of the drawings, it was like making hands for my portfolio all over again, but it didnt worry me too much this time :P

Here the shorthands which I hope are good cause we (my classmates and I) didn't know very well what to do about them. And yeah I'm a really bony person..

Oct 21, 2012


SO I got a sad B on my first painting assignment, which doesnt surprise me cause I've never been too good at painting, but like I said before, I've improved, and my teacher thought so too^^
and now here's my second assignment, a sphere, which turned out to be harder than expected. I have to say I really liked the results, except for a bump in the top of the sphere I didnt notice before. I actually like it, not perfect, but a lot better than my first spheres :)

Oct 6, 2012


Well... <3 this is the first layout-ish thing I actually like! and it didnt take me too long to do, and it was rendered, and maybe I am too excited, but this makes me happy. Even though there's a possibility I will not like this anymore after a month or so, right now I'll just enjoy the moment.  I hope I can get a good mark on it too.

So I did the whole structure/perspective thing, and then the rendered version. The characters still need names, and suggestions are welcome :P

Seeing it digitally, I think I like the rough better than the final :/

Oct 4, 2012

so... painting

I probably didnt do too well on this assignment, and I pray to the lord I pass this class....
So I had to do paintings with gouache, and it was fun... but it was hard too. You know I've never been good at painting; however, I kinda like it...
Anyway, I think I AM improving, and I really hope I'm right

I started with gradient studies the first one is supposed to be "transparent" and we had to see some of the paper, the second one was completely opaque, and it was also easier.


Next came the color gradients, cool and warm colors with black and white. The black is the hardest one I wonder why..

After this the assignment consisted of making a composition and then painting it with flat achromatic tones, achromatic tones with gradient, and finally color gradient. And here is the part where I think I'm improving, I hope my teacher can agree with me on that, but I also have to say that the color one was the most fun to do ^_^