Apr 27, 2014

blanche and stella

I said I would animate the bird didn't I, I wanna do better animation. I didnt quite like the beginning of the scene, but I did like her drama. I hope its not just my opinion, I worked hard on this, and it was fun :)
P.S. I used a line from a streetcar named desire
Hope you like it!

Looking at it now, I feel like I did it a bit too fast...

Apr 13, 2014

Ms. Snobby Head

Hello! Remember the snobby pig character timeline I did a year ago? this year I was able to model the old lady's head in Maya and Mudbox, to be honest I dont love mudbox, but I like modeling, so hopefully something good will come out of this on the summer :)

You can see the turn around here, and again I apologize for youtube's bad quality...

And here some stills